Term & Conditions

WSPro is not affiliated or a part of WhatsApp. WSPro is an independent software developed to facilitate sending WhatsApp messages to your acquaintances, customers, friends or relatives from a PC.

WSPro is a PC Software “STAND ALONE”: all data will be stored exclusively on the PC in use without ever being Transmitted or Reachable by Our (and / or Third Party) Server or Other Online Systems. WSPro does not therefore have access and / or any kind of responsibility on your Data.

If the content of the sender’s messages is unsolicited “garbage” messages, the recipients can click ‘Block’ or ‘Report Spam’ and that can get the senders’ WhatsApp account suspended/ banned.

License Agreement

WSPro has a duration of 1year subscription and during this year updates and priority support will be assured during official working hours.

The license can only be activated on one computer and cannot be transferred/ migrated onto another system. When the license expires, it will be automatically disabled and the subscriber will be offered a renewal at an affordable price.

Refund Policy

No refund will be provided in case of Whatsapp account block, suspension or ban.

In case of payment failure, it’s highly recommended to wait till the payment is revered back into the account. Software Purchases are been managed by 3rd party (PayPal, Stripe etc) & in case of failure it’s suggested to contact PayPal/ Stripe support for any queries regarding payment failure. Upon Purchase/ Subscribe, you’re agree to all the Terms & Conditions mentioned.

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