Support Multiple Formats


WSPro support multiple images along with caption for each image which can be sent to all the imported numbers with a click of a single button.


A great tool for sharing video clip to multiple users. It is the best way to express the thought with an unlimited number of characters.



WhatsApp Marketing through audio media on mobile can be very effective too! You decide which way work best for you!

You Control Your Customer Data!

Unlike others, we do not hold any of your customer data (numbers). This is the 1st thing why you choose us. Your customer data worth way more than a piece of software. Take no risk on this, chat with us if not sure!

Yearly Subscription

Customer Service Support

No Token/ Credit Required

Whatsapp Account Banned?

As ‘account blocked or banned’ is a decision by WhatsApp team, we can only help you with these tips to avoid it from happening.

1) Look through terms of service of WhatsApp on their official website Contact Whatsapp Team directly to understand the reason why your account is getting banned.

2) Once your account is unblocked, try clearing cache & cookies from your google chrome & also try deleting the temp files before launching next campaign.

3) We suggest to keep changing draft of messages/ templates to avoid spamming getting detected by WhatsApp (refer to the chart below as sample).

4) Try keeping lower text (instead of CAPITAL LETTERS) & not too long in content.

5) Do not use ‘brand new’ sim card/ phone number to launch a campaign. Try to use it for a few days (if possible) by sending some messages (Send & Reply) among the internal team members (as in to ‘nurture’ the number) before using it as ‘Marketing-number’. Check Google Chrome driver here.

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