1) Administrator: The profile(s) that has ALL administrative privileges. The ‘big boss’.

2) Shop Manager: The profile(s) is someone who’s in charge of your online store. They take care of all the settings regarding WooCommerce, and can also edit or create new products. Shop Managers can view reports, orders and order history, as well as manage their own account.

He didn’t have access to [Settings] of website which only Administrator allows to.

3) Editor: The profile(s) that can create, edit, publish theirs, and other users’ posts.

4) Author: The profile(s) that can create, edit, publish their posts only. ** (like Blogger to The Star newspaper, for example)

5) Contributor: The profile(s) that can create, edit their posts but cannot publish them**

6) Subscriber: The profile(s) that can only manage their profiles (such as a customer who purchase from your website)

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