First, we want to show you the different between a website/ webpage VS a landing page.

We’re now looking at a ‘Landing Page‘ (LP). A LP is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign.

LP is designed with a single objective in mind, known as a Call to Action or CTA. Here, you will not see ‘Menu’ such as ‘Our Services’, ‘Products’, ‘Contact Us’ etc.

Online Solution for Business

(this part is from Homepage, remember?)

Our Services

(simplified the content about your product or services)


(put the write-up here)


(put the write-up here)


(put the write-up here)

Award & Achievement

Here, you should ‘show off’ about your past achievement including awards in order to convince the visitor to take action such as to purchase, to subscribe or to Like your page.

We Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

(after Title, put some explanation here so that your customer know about the topic in detail)

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

(somemore information, if any)

Our Process & Workflow.

(description, if any)

You see, ‘Request Quotation’ is one of the CTA. And, you can make any CTA you need to such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe’ etc as long as it’s relevant to the column/ section.

Project Research








Let’s Work Together

(and finally, a last Call-To-Action (CTA) before the visitor leave the Landing Page)

7 + 13 =

Click to see a sample of Landing Page made for Dwayne Johnson, The Rock.

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