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 Website + Landing Page (Day-1)

Website + Landing page (day-2)

Video marketing (Day-1)

video marketing (day-2 | coming soon…)

Whatsapp marketing day-1 (coming soon)

whatsapp marketing day-2 (coming soon)

Google & youtube (day-1)

google & youtube (day-2 coming soon…)

fb marketing (day-1)

fb marketing (day-2)

Website + Landing Page 

Download: Fonts Ninja, ColorPick extension


1) Create Contact Us page with Google map of your own company (video tutorial)

2) Customize top Menu text & insert Footer/ Copyright statement (video tutorial)

3) Protect a webpage with password (video tutorial)

4) Install a Plugin/ apps/ software (Visitor Report)


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Video Skill

Whatsapp Marketing

Download: WSPro




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Google & YouTube

1) Finalize a Gmail account (to manage all Google tools including Ads, Youtube).

2) Get more insights from Google Trends before you start.

3) Create/ complete Google my business & request verification code (to be posted to your business address in 14-days).

4) Study budget, search volume on Keyword Planner etc before you create advertisement.

5) Get started your first Google advertisement!




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FB Marketing

 Download these apps to your mobile phone:

> Meta Ads Manager (Android)

> Meta Ads Manager (iOS)



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